Sunday, December 11, 2005

November 2005 Contest Winner

The winner of the November 2005 contest is Katie B., MI! Congrats Katie and thank you for your eco tip. Our December 2005 contest winner will receive a NIB cassette audio course, "5 Minutes A Day To Perfect Spelling". Be sure to enter before the end of the month.

There are some updates on the Small Things You Can Do Everyday page in the archives. Your eco tips are always welcome. The new tips article has a couple of recipes for making your own yogurt and the new herbals article has directions on how to make an apple wreath. I'm also back to posting regularly at the TreeHuggerz forum, join and add your $0.02 today.

Don't forget that it's Human Rights Week December 10-16, 2005. Check out Human for ways you can help to prevent the abuse of women and children.

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