Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blogger Help Needed

Okay, this blog comes to you via Blogger (free service) but I've noticed that my custom changes have altered the display. It didn't bother me when I first started blogging because only Mozilla seemed to be affected. However, now AOL, Netscape, Firefox and Explorer are all affected. Does any one out there have any experience with Blogger or HTML? I'd really appreciate any tips or tricks to fix having all the left column items crunched down at the bottom of the main page. Thanks in Advance :-)

If you're looking for some last minute gift ideas please check out the latest article on the Tips page. Also, TreeHuggerz forum is down again because the host is performing a server backup.


Catnapping said...

hi. i might be able to help.

go to the template, and change the width of your body from 680px to 700px.

If you don't know where to find this. Here's a quick tip.

- while your template page is open, first place your prompt (by clicking your mouse there)before the very first word in the template box.

- go up to the menu bar on the top of your screen, and select "Edit."

- in the menu that drops down, select, "Find."

- in the dialog box, type "680px."

- hit "Find" (or "Find Next").

- it will highlight the 680px, into that you will substitue 700px.

you'll probably find it in two places. replace both 680px with 700px...(do not fiddle with any surrounding words...keep spaces where they are, and do not add or subtract any spaces, lol)

this should widen your table. if this still doesn't work, then you'll need to widen the two smaller tables inside the bigger one.

I'll come back with the sizes for those, because I can't remember them off the top of my head. But seriously, I'm certain that widening the outside table will make room for both tables to sit side by side, so the one on the right doesn't shift below the other.


Catnapping said...

p.s. your poinsettia photo is what you wanna make room for. it's wider than the 410px your left table makes room for.

So if you don't wish to widen your outside table,

If you open up your free 'paint' software in your computer, and "open" the file in your computer where you stored this can resize it by about 90%, and it will reduce the photo to just under the size of the column you'd like to place it in.

Then simply replace this photo with the slightly smaller one.


Marvel said...

Going to give your suggestions a try right now! Thanks for taking the time to give me a hand Catnapping.

Catnapping said...

I've looked at your "view source," and I see that your width is already wider than 700, so you don't need to change that. sorry.

mine is minima and that is set to 680...i see your is "thisway" and you're much wider in the screen.

You might try editing the photos in your entries to be only 400px wide. Also...maybe the one graphic for (?) be too wide?

I also noticed that there's a very wide padding around the poinsettia. but I'm too afraid to suggest how to fix that. If you're still having problems after christmas, I can make a dummy blog and play with it. I'm not a tech, but I've been teaching myself html and css, and have been doing some folks' home pages for them for fun.

So it would be like fixing a puzzle to me.

I hope your holidays are safe and warm.


Marvel said...

You are too generous, Cat! After going to the template designer's forum he posted a fix for the IE Browser display problem. He said that it's a glitch when italics are used. Tried his fix but it didn't work. I'll have to try not using italics and see what happens. With the end of the month updates for the website, I won't have time to change my old posts.

Blogger Template Style Info:
Name: Thisaway
Designer: Dan Rubin

Be sure to look at it through Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape (Foxfire display option). Looks good, only the Thanksgiving photo is too wide but I posted that before I changed templates to Thisaway.