Monday, August 27, 2007

Back To School 2007

This week we'll join the ranks of the back-to-school crowd. DD is 5 and starting virtual public school. I'm feeling excited but also a bit nervous about this new adventure. Even though she will be taught at home, we are a part of Connections Academy in Oregon and our first day of school is August 29th. This was a compromise between her father (public school) and I (unschooling). I'll give my feedback as we progress through the school year.

Toy Recall from Mattel -there are issues with lead paint and magnets

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School Shopping: Less is better for your wallet and your kids

Back to School Clothes Shopping

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Connections Academy
Virtual public school that only costs an internet connection. All course materials are provided. If you qualify they may even provide a computer. Not available in all states, see web site for current information. DD is starting kindergarten through Connections Academy this year in Oregon.

Project Gutenberg
Free ebook downloads, many available in over 50 different languages and in various formats, including audio. From classics to fairy tales to text books you'll find something to interest every member of your household. Volunteers and contributions needed.

International Kids Space
A non-profit educational organization for kids of all nations. It's a link-free site with creative activities for children 13 years old and under. Contributions are always welcome and can be done via

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