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Lavender Love

Spring is almost here and it's time for new beginnings at TreeHuggerz. One new addition is the Lavender Love company as an affiliate. From essential oils to pet toys they have a vast selection of products for your home. Cooking with lavender is something I'd like to try and their selection has given me inspiration. Culinary lavender, Herbs de Provence (7 herb blend includes lavender) and teas are available for adding a gourmet flair to your recipes. Please enjoy the article below from lavender expert, Jenny Bishop. She has some good ideas on how to use lavender with whole grains.

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Cooking with Culinary Lavender
by Jenny Bishop

Have you tried whole grains with culinary lavender? Whole grains are making a comeback, and their advantages in terms of health and environmental conservancy are well known. However, to many palates accustomed to refined flour, whole grains seem tasteless and heavy. By using our Culinary Lavender, you can create healthy, satisfying meals that taste - and smell - delicious. Adding Lavender Lemon Pepper or Italian Seasoning with Lavender to your whole grains is the key to making nutritious meals that your entire family will love.

Why are Whole Grains So Beneficial?

Natural grains consist of three parts - the germ, the bran, and the endosperm. White rice, flour, and other refined grains are made by processing endosperm and discarding the bran and germ. The endosperm consists almost entirely of starch, while minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other healthy substances are found in the bran and germ. Although the endosperm has a milder taste and softer texture, adding culinary lavender to whole grains makes them just as appealing as refined grains - or even more so!

Using Culinary Lavender to interest your family in whole grains is also environmentally friendly. Nearly one third of every bushel of grain is discarded in the refining process. By using whole grains, you are extending the usefulness of every acre of grain that is planted.

What does Culinary Lavender Add to Your Meal?

Culinary Lavender looks and smells wonderful, but it also does more than just make whole grains more appetizing. Culinary Lavender has been known since Roman times for its soothing and healing properties. A pinch of Italian Seasoning with Lavender in your rice can relieve dizziness, or some Lavender Lemon Pepper mixed with whole grain flour for a fish batter can ease the pain of headaches as well as tasting great.

How Can I Use Culinary Lavender with Whole Grains?

Here are some suggestions for using Culinary Lavender while cooking with whole grains:

· Add Italian Seasoning with Lavender to homemade whole grain pastas, or use it to spice up your spaghetti sauce when cooking store bought whole grain pasta.

· Bake whole wheat breads with a touch of Culinary Lavender, to add a hint of alluring flavor to your loaves.

· Sprinkle Lavender Lemon Pepper over your stone-ground whole grain grits in the morning.

· Make a spicy topping for your whole wheat bread using a mixture of garlic, olive oil, and Italian Seasoning with Lavender.

· Use whole grain flour mixed with Lavender Lemon Pepper as a batter dip for fried vegetables, fish, and chicken fingers.

· Crush some Culinary Lavender with raw sugar, and sprinkle it over your whole grain oatmeal for breakfast.

About The Author
Jenny Bishop teaches many culinary classes with the use of culinary lavender and is one of the judges for the Lavender Gourmet Recipe Contests hosted throughout the year by Lavender-n-Things. For free lavender recipes visit

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