Friday, July 14, 2006

New Diapering System

Flushable inserts in a "little g" cover that don't cost much more than disposables. You can compost the urine soaked inserts and even save on water. Available in a few retail outlets (Oregon, yay!) and by mail-order. They offer automatic delivery, too. So you can have them bill your credit card, then delivered right to your door. Each purchase also helps support the Children's Health Environmental Coalition's Blue Butterfly campaign. Wow, I would have jumped on these if I'd known about them when DD arrived. Has anyone tried them?

TreeHuggerz Tips and Hints
New article about using honey as a healthy sweetener and I've included some recipes.

TreeHuggerz Freebie
Polly Klaas Foundation Child Safety Kit
Free by calling 1-800-587-HELP

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