Saturday, June 03, 2006

Contest Suspended

TreeHuggerz Contest has been suspended until further notice. The winner of April's contest was Lauri A. of Vermont. Check out her tomato plant tip on the Winner's Page. Many thanks to all who have entered and made it a success for the last year. If anyone would like to sponsor a TreeHuggerz Contest, please let me know. Email: webmom @ (remove the spaces)

My computer is still dead and unfortunately the loaner I had is on the fritz as well. Therefore, my online duties are getting the bare minimum of my attention until I have a working system in my home.

Below is a new ad for the March of Dimes, "Be A Hero For Babies Day" Campaign. Give if you can and pass the word along. They hope to raise $1 million dollars this month. All donations made through my affiliate links go directly to the March of Dimes, they do not pay affiliates.

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