Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

"We cannot compel love to come to us. We simply invite it. When it comes, let us gives thanks for it and see what we can do to attract still more. We should express affection, even if all we do is pat dogs. The more love we give away, the greater love we have to share."
-Thomas Dreier Posted by Picasa

TreeHuggerz February Update

There's been a new page of books added to the bookstore. Check out the new titles and feel free to send me your recommendations. Yours truly just received a copy of "Eat Up Slim Down Annual Recipes 2006" with her recipe for Pasta with Chickpea Sauce on page 176. :-) If you are in need of a good read please use any of the links on the site and blog, they help finance our efforts.

Find some Valentine's Day tips to give you a few ideas for celebrating the holiday and get some herbal advice for staying healthy through flu season.

The winner of January's contest has not been validated yet and I am on the third choice. Please add trhuggerz @ aol .com (remove the spaces) to your accepted email addresses if you use a SP*M filter or check the Winner page to find out if you are the potential winner.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Goodbye Coretta Scott King. May you always be remembered for your contribution to society. Posted by Picasa